Data Driven Insights

Bye Bye Here

It could be time to enjoy warmer climes, or if you are in a warm country like Singapore, a time to go to cooler climes, to chill out, to relax, to rest the over worked and dreary mind. To revive and rejuvenate the work weary You.

The data driven research for Expedia, using Natural Language Processing and found that the mind leaves the work space, the here and now space the moment the ticket and the hotel is booked. We are already rejoicing, dreaming about and planning  our exciting holiday. Our mind has taken leave of the here and now moment and has fled to the holiday destination of our choice.

Hence the line ‘With Expedia you are already there’. The commercials were released in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Expedia commercials depicting the frame of mind of ‘bye bye here’.