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India: Has Faith Shifted from Religion to Computer


India is a land of potpourri of different cultures, religions, languages, economic and social statures and most importantly its a country with a vast divide between the city slicker and the small town dweller.

We ran our unique data driven research to understand what it is the that the small town people want from their lives, what motivates them, what inspires them. We wanted to find out what it is that these people from the smallest town of India wanted out of Computers. The Computer not only helped them as a tool to advance their career and financial status it also made them feel part of the broader Indian picture of economic advancement.

The Real Life Stories that Emerged. Produced by Intel India

Only with the help of the Computer could the Chanderi saree weavers revive their dying craft

Only with the help of Computer could Chattisgarh’s Manish Garg, complete his education, despite the fact that there were no high schools in his small town.