An introduction to Big Data and Analytics for Marketing and Communications

As the Internet keeps generating unprecedented amount of data everyday, harnessing and analysing human stories from this data has become one of the most in demand skills.

At The Tenth Floor, we attempt to make data analysis skills accessible to all, regardless of experience, job descriptions or current skill set. The Tenth Floor training endeavours to empower professionals to make business cases with substantial data that costs a lot less time and money

In Person, Hands On, Learning Outcomes

  • Uncovering insights about consumers from any market through social media, search, forums, e-commerce and different websites
  • Creating an in-depth report on any business category with statistically significant amount of data
  • Building a predictive model using data analytics about what your customers want
  • Finding new ways of driving business growth
  • Delivering cost effective and convincing market research
  • Estimating market size with large behavioural data
  • Building a loyalty program based on customer behavioural data
  • Analysing customer feedback and opinion for product and service improvements
  • Building a data driven picture of where the business stands compared to competition

Awarded: Certificate Of Completion - The Tenth Floor, Singapore

Things You Will Learn To Do Hands On, In Person

How to use a large range of digital data tools easily available

How to create your own digital data driven market research

How to build convincing cases with interactive data visualisation

How to get up and running with web analytics

How to analyse digital data for powerful insights

How to mine digital data that businesses find valuable

How to convince anyone about the power of your ideas using all the learnings

The Tenth Floor Training: Turbo charge your career with the power of DATA

Introduction Introduction Introduction Introduction
Data Driven Market Research Why is it useful Use Cases Use Cases and Tools
Data Tools available for everyone The different parts of any web analytics platform How to do Data Mining How to do data visualization
Hands on Use of Tools Hands on use of Web Analytics Hands on with Data Mining Hands on with Tableau
From Tools to Insights and Data From Analytics Data to Insights and Ideas Organizing the data at hand From Data Visualization to making a compelling case

Data Masterclass

Duration :

1 Day – 8 Hours ( 9 am – 5 pm)
2 Days – 4 Hours (9 am – 1 pm)

Data Bootcamp

Duration :

1 day – 2 Hours (10 am – 12 pm)

What will you need for the sessions

A wifi enabled laptop of your own. Access to a Facebook and Google account. You must also be able to install software on your laptop. Optional: Good to have MS Office

Featured Clients

Testimonials For The Tenth Floor

Ajish Henry Morris

Ajish Henry Morris

I successfully applied these tools in real life business situations to uncover consumer insights driving purchasing behaviour

Airline Manager, Jetstar
SueAnne Lim

SueAnne Lim

Hands-on learning that really helps in navigating through layers of data noise to arrive at the right insight. Highly recommended!

Chief of DAN Group Insights & Strategy, Dentsu Aegis Network
Shikhar Swarup

Shikhar Swarup

So many tools out there that we can use, that was just very empowering.

Marketing Analyst, Visa Singapore

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